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Disclaimer. The rules that are posted on this page are subject to changes....some rules can be added and removed.... This page is just to give you the basic idea of what the rules are... it well say what you can and cannot say in the chat and in messages...if you have any comments or complaints please reply to this forum.....
Rules of the Game
Mod/ Cop / Admin can not mute or jail you with out a reason. If you feel that you were muted or jailed with out a reason message the other cops and tell them your side of the story and show some kind of proof that you didn't break any rules...

You cannot be muted/jailed for stating your opinion as long as it does not break any other rules such as Spamming and profanity.

Chatting rules.
You are not at any time promitted to use any of the following words in chat or ......Fu*k, bit*h, ass, hoe, slut, whore, cunt, di*k. dike, cum, faggot, gay, retarted, suck or any present past or future tense of the words....if you use any of the words you are to be warned by a Mod/Cop/Admin and you should not do it again.... If you do so choose to break the rules again by using profanity then you will be MUTED... If you are muted often for using inapporiate language then you will no longer receive a warning you will be muted by any Mod/Cop/admin that is on. don't belong in the game and it will not be permitted ..SO BE WARNED DON'T CUSS!!

You are not permitted to ask for free gold more then once in 25messages that you is not considered 25 messages if you sit their not talking for 10 mins then ask again. You are not permitted to ask for a challenge more then once in 10 messages that you type... YOU ARE NEVER PERMITTED TO ASK FOR FREE CREDITS ..You will recive1 warning from breaking any of these rules...If you break the rules day in and day out you will have your title changed to a Danger or Untrust by a Admin

You are also not permitted to start arguments in the Chat. If you have a problem with what someone did or has said then take it to messages...No one wants to see 2 people fighting over stupid things...It ruins the game...So if you must fight with someone then do it where the rest of the people that are playing the game cant see it...If you are fighting with someone a Mod/ Cop/ Admin will warn you to stop it...if you do not stop then the Mod/ Cop/ Admin has the option to ask you to stop again or Mute/ Jail you. SO BE WARNED DON'T FIGHT IN THE CHAT!!! Spamming

You are not allowed to spam .. Spamming is posting in chat or messages anything that could be found annoying. It is also when you repeatedly type the same message over and over again.. It is really annoying and it is not permitted in this game so if you want to spam go play a different game. The game is designed for people to have fun not read stupid things that people say that might offend someone..

Rules for messages
You are also NOT allowed at any time to send someone a message asking for EXP, Gold, Credits, Charms. if you send a message begging for any of these items then you will be warned only once then you will be jailed/muted...SO BE WARNED DO NOT BEG FOR ANYTHING....If someone wants to help you out they will ask you if you need help.... Your best bet is just to sit their and do your best and be nice to everyone then you will more then likely receive help...

You are also not allowed to cuss in messages.. You are not allowed to say the following words in messages. Fu*k, bit*h, ass, hoe, slut, whore, cunt, di*k. dike, cum, faggit, gay, retarted, suck, fudge packer or any present past or future tense of the words... If you receive a message that you find offensive that contains any of those words then copy it and send it to a Mod/Cop/Admin and they will deal with it... For your first offence depending on what was said you will either receive a warning or be muted.

Being Muted/ Jailed
If you believe that you were Muted / Jailed for no reason Contact the Mod/ Cop / Admin that Muted/ Jailed you and ask them why they did it... Remember to save the Message they send you... Then Contact another Mod/ Cop / Admin and tell them your side of the story.... But you do need proof showing that you did not break any of the rules. So if you don't have any kind of proof then the punishment that the other Mod/ Cop/ Admin chose for you will stand. No Mod/ Cop/ Admin will over turn a punishment unless their is just grounds for them to do so.

Cops/ Admins bailing people out of jail
It is not permitted for a Cop or Admin to bail someone out of jail if they were placed in jail for clicking too fast....It is tough luck that you got jailed that way and you should learn a lesson from not being able to play that character for a while....If a Cop/ Admin bails someone out of jail when the person was jailed for clicking too fast the Cop/ Admin will LOSE HIS TITLE because of it. Neo Silk stated that him self in the forums.



Received from : Cop Blaze 420