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The complete guide, listing and formulas for a lordsoflords tribute.
Last updated 8-7-2003 23:17
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You must be in the top 100 ladder to join The High Council, once you are a member of the Council you may vote for new players who applied for a job in the councils. One player may only have one High Council!! Depending on the population of the current server you are on, it shows how much Councils are allowed.
Politic rules
Change toPermissions needed ofCurrent SexRequirement
Admin75% Admins and 25% CopsCopAll requirements for Cop,Mod and Support
Cop25% Admins and 75% CopsModKnows the game and enforces the rules
Mod1 Admin, 25% Cops and 75% ModsSupportTrust worthy, know the guide verry well.
Support1 Admin, 25% Mods and 75% SupportsNoneNeed to know the guide a bit
DemonAdminAdmin/Cop/ModCorrupted Admin, Cop or Mod
DangerAdminAnyApplies to dangerous players
UntrustAdminAnyApplies to untrusted players
BeggarAdminAnyApplies to players who beg too much