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The complete guide, listing and formulas for a lordsoflords tribute.
Last updated 8-7-2003 23:17
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To join or create a Guild you be Level 1.000 or over it. Once you have created a Guild you automatically join your own Guild, a password is required for other players to join your guild. When you are the leader you may remove members and kick guild members when you think they don't belong in your guild. The top 10 players sorted by Level will fight the tournament for your guild. Choose wisely which Guild/Clan you want to join.
Honor Castle
5*Guild Attack Rating
1*Guild Magic Rating
1*Guild Life

Don't mess with us or we'll kick your ass so hard that you can't sit for a week. With our legendary attack rating training in the castles we never miss a strike in the tournament.
Rune Temple
1*Guild Attack Rating
5*Guild Magic Rating
1*Guild Life

Prepare yourself for fire, storm, lightning, earth, water, ghost and ice we cast them all at once. Call to our powers to increase your mystical powers and we will never fizzle a single spell. The magical rest of the temples will increase your magic rating in the tournaments to insane might.
Hidden Den
1*Guild Attack Rating
1*Guild Magic Rating
5*Guild Life

When can find the darkest secrets and we can rip the bones out your life. We can find any secret stash, steel all gold and rip stats or equipments. Greatly boost your life within the tournament.