Free online text-based RPG games

What does Freeplay do?
Recharge charms for 1.000.000 instead of 500.000 seconds
Charms add 50.000 instead of 10.000 seconds
Freeplay will give you 50%-500% after each kill in the World or Fight.
Shop more and cheaper
Get a in front of your name.
No banners
Faster apply level up stats
Steal players stats and inventory items in Steal.
Stealth recovers faster in steal
How to come on the ladder?
Your Experience must be greater than Level*1.000.000 and logged in once in the past 50 days.
Forced logout why?
Players that haven't done anything in 3600 seconds will be logged out automaticly.
With what was this game made?
Made and tested with these tools and resources :: mySQL :: PHP :: Ultraedit :: PERL :: IIS5
Browsers tested :: MSIE :: NETSCAPE :: MOZILLA :: OPERA
How was this game made?
Allot time and read all the guides of the programs listed above.I started with a Perl game that took 3 weeks to build then I decided to take a look at other programming languages when PHP4 came, I knew this was my language when I saw there documentation.Downloaded the program for IIS and manuals, while I was converting and reading the manuals how to use the commands, it took me 3 days to have a php game running. Now I have invested more than 6 months studying PHP I almost know every command. It's still useless if you know the commands but don't know how to use them, so I sometimes takes a look at the guide too.

This game has been expanded to a huge game that now contains more than 50 files about with a total size of 248KB without templates and images. blablablabla.....