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M3 signup login ladder34,52512,025822,500
M6 signup login ladder453936
More than 4,901,159 victims where slaughtered in the past 8 days and counting.
You have arrived at the right place to massacre your opponents!
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To begin, select a world, signup, then login and you're in the game.
First timers and beginners are advised to join the Discord channel. There are people there that can help you, including me.
Short description of all worlds
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M3 launched on 06 November 2022. It is my version of a m3. with a few quality of life additions.
NativeAuto is a server designed to hinder auto scripts. It has an in built auto of it's own but you'll have to leave the browser open. also for now you can't have mulitple chars logged in at once. I'm going to fix that but for now it's 1. It might work having different browsers open. I have not tested.
zion is yet to be launched. This version is a heavily edited version with lots of additions. It is my game and completely removed from the original lords of lords game this game is based on.
M6 is an interesting server and was the final update made by Admin Silent before he retired the game. My version is not yet launched.
Here you'll find a few fundemental changes to the core Kingsofkingdoms game.
There are possible new builds and things of that nature here. including 25 charms.
The development corner of Kingsofkingdoms
Newest stuff will be introduced and tested here first. chars may be deleted or edit and credits are free.
Control your own server / world at Kings of
What is Kings of Kingdoms?
Kings of kingdoms is a free online text based RPG game to be played with any internet browser.
About Kings of kingdoms.
Your best playing experience will require the use of our home grown auto script found below.
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Strawberry Perl
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