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Lords of Lords Hall of Fame
The best of best players from all servers!
The best of zion
1. King Tactix13,105,188,711
2. Prince Refered135,433
3. Duke Test118,144
The best of m3
1. Heir Tactix960,000,000,000
2. Heir Mystic960,000,000,000
3. King Imaertz960,000,000,000
The best of nativeauto
1. King Corbo12,891,616
2. King Simmias98,254
3. King Xonist95,435
The best of m6
1. Outcast Ofthedead5,827,800
2. Lord Corbo1784
3. Admin Corbainius500
The best of elysian-fields
The best of albion
The best of attic