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Change log

M3 Change Log


Update to Calculator

Calculator now uses the same functions as the rest of the game to determine level and exp. If you look you will see that there is some variation but not enough for it to be un-useable.


Changed Level up

I have fully overhauled the level system. It was not easy and required a lot of compromise but we should get a more consistant leveling experience now as previously the higher level you were the harder it was to level. Now the level system is more generous in the early phase of a level range and will keep your progress steady


Added Last Loaded

Admins will now be able to see where players are in the game via town. I have done this so that patterns can be found and observed while the scripts are running and maybe remove extra loads because we are still getting epic cpu lag at times and as much as i thought i'd found it, it would seem i have not....yet.


Changed Merge list

Merge list will now show the level of the target and will only show the first 10 chars with the same level and race.


Updated average calculations

Changed formating colour appearance and added per second and per fight, also mended a minor maths error.


Added average calculations to fight results

Because of the issue i'm having working out exactly how much exp and gold we were gaining before the jail time increase and then after it i have added an in game average calculation. tomorrow i will adapt the to use this data which is as far as i can see accurate.


Changed exp and gold per fight

As of today to bring exp and gold gen inline with the updated jail timer i have doubled the exp and gold gen from fights in fight and world.


Changed Jail timer

As of today the jail timer has risen from between 0.40 and 0.50 to between 0.99 and 1. This means all the .pl's have been updated and you will have to change the wait time on all your m3 scripts.


Updated index

Index will now show jail on chars the same as town.


Updated Hud bar

main Hud bar will illustrate differently now, any issues let me know.


Added Total to paid

not really necessary but i wanted it done.


Updated Main page

Added Friend and merge cooldown, rearanged it a bit.


Added Paid to Admin panel

Will show all purchases from support page, it should also keep those logs forever, if any admin notices that there are only 500 entries please raise it in bugs page. thanks .


Added Paid.

Will show all purchases from support page.


Added Change log.

Basic and Functional. just the way i like it.


Added Calculator.

Added to main page after login. a strangely difficult thing to achieve even with the formula fr how much exp required to level up. the maths was not reversible so i had to create some interesting code to do the action backwards.